Maximum efficiency for online advertising.

Reach the right audience, in the right place and at the right time. Make your advertising messages timely and relevant to drive users towards conversion.

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Increase the ROI of your digital campaigns.

Every day, on our smartphone, PC or tablet, we receive messages that we don't want to receive and which end up going unnoticed.

For this reason, to communicate an effective advertising message it is essential to accurately profile people.

Tokydigital offers you the perfect assets to reach the right target, in the right place, at the right time.

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Integrated platform

A single dashboard to manage all your online campaigns.

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Our system integrates an infinite range of channels.

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GDPR compliant

Our contact databases are all GDPR-compliant.


Choose your target based on age, interests or other demographic parameters.


Thanks to localization, you can reach users in specific places.




Create dynamic ads based on the segments you've chosen.

More than just a cluster of contacts.

Traditional clusters are based on interests and demographic characteristics.

In our system, however, this basic data is cross-referenced with information about where people are and at the time of their day, to give you unprecedented control over your campaign.


A suite of tools to always hit your target.

Tokydigital solutions can be modulated according to whether the communication is aimed at retaining one's customers or at acquiring new customers.


Reach the audience that matters to your business.

In whatever sector you are operating, our vertical databases will allow you to reach the profiles with the most relevant interests for your business, maximizing the chances of conversion.

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